Chapter 4: Street Brawl

I slapped my hand outward, removing Rowan’s hold on me. He clawed forward for me, but I slapped his hand down. His lip curled up in a snarl. “You’re a menace,” he told me. “At least I care about others,” I snapped as I dodged another of his attempts to grasp me. “Care? You had the entire town searching for… Read more →

Chapter 3: On a Quest

The past year had been one of growing humility for me. And as such, I was willing to admit three things. Firstly, in matters of fashion, I conceded Addie as superior. Secondly, in regards to occupation, Ladd was a far better employee. And, thirdly, in regards to all things martial, worldly, or sylvicultural, Tunic vastly surpassed me. But my bailiwick,… Read more →

Chapter 2: Scones and Jam

I hate kisses from Tunic; they’re always so unfair. My skin enflames and my thoughts freeze while my heart undulates so fiercely I fear it will stop. And just when I think I can survive his nearness, he withdraws and I wonder if I can persevere in his absence. Then he takes off his hat and runs his hands through… Read more →

Chapter 1: Hunting

“I don’t care if you spent one hundred hours hand-carving that bow. In fact, I don’t care if you thought of me every moment you spent designing it. I refuse to touch it!” I insisted as I shoved the offending object away. I tossed my head to the side, refusing to maintain eye contact with the bow’s creator. He had,… Read more →

Introduction - Note from the Author

As with most writers, I have found that the ambition to pen something remarkable results in far more time spent idling at a keyboard than actually writing. My solution to that stagnancy was to write something amusing. But even writing something “amusing” is too ambitious; so when I wrote The Monster of Keegan Heights, I did so with the purpose of delighting one specific individual. But many generous… Read more →