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Chapter 9: Everwood

April’s evening had passed in a slow haste; time seemed to lag and yet her thoughts were so occupied it seemed nightfall had come unnaturally fast. Her mother had barely fallen asleep by the time she was out the window and on...

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Chapter 8: Evacuation

The rapping on the window thundered into April’s silent world. After an interminable afternoon, Mother had finally drifted into a midday nap and April was finally free to have a few cogitative moments...

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Chapter 7: Questions

“That book you gave Corvidae, is that how you learned about my father?” Branson pressed.

“Naw,” the Worm brushed his comment away with a hand gesture “Munin lived a millennium ago"...

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Chapter 6: The Tengu Boy

He stood with rigid stillness. They were like beasts; if he moved they would attack. But if he froze he could become a simulacrum. At least, that's what he prayed for each day.

Everything ached. There were bruises on parts of his body he hadn't realised could...

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